Finding the ultimate spandex bathing suits for men. Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Short shorts and more.

Below is a male to female transformation men's spandex bathing suit.

Spandex Bathing Suits

Let us amaze you with bathing suits beyond imagination.

The world of men's swimwear is changing at the fastest pace ever. The days of choosing between board shorts, surf shorts and Speedos is over because now there are hundreds of amazing spandex bathing suits in styles as diverse as full back bikinis to micro pouch only swimsuit styles. The depth of selection for men now rivals that of women's swimwear which is to say there are so many new and exciting spandex bathing suits you will be blown away. One of the hottest trend are the new micro shorts for men. These are styles are skin tight form fitting spandex shorts that show some cheek. Skin is in and there is no reason for men to hide it. The shorts come in many flavors but the most popular are the bulge style shorts followed by the male to female transformation style shorts which repackage the penis and let the wearer look as though he has a vagina. These are so popular because men are getting in touch with their feminine sides. Bikinis for men should be very exciting this season with a number of interesting new looks coming to market including the male form style swimsuits and the male enhancement bathing suits.

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